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Month: July 2018

SEO: The Determining Factor To Attract Visits To Your Blog

Although it sounds an exaggeration is a reality. There are very few cases that, without an adequate web positioning strategy, get traffic of recurring visits in their projects.

In fact, it is normal, organic positioning in search engines is to find the most relevant words of a sector or, put another way:

Is the art of locating the words that users use in search engines to find specific information?

Is that what you are doing? Probably not.

And how can you know what words users use in search engines to find information?

As the Adelaide SEO Company teaches, to locate these keywords, you need to use SEO tools.

There is infinity of tools focused on SEO that you can use. Some are free, others pay, but each of them can help you with their functions, and none have any waste.

But how are they used? This you will discover little by little during the post. But first I want to explain some things that you should keep in mind.

Seo On Page: A Determining Factor For Your Strategy To Be Effective

It will not do you any good to know the SEO tools that I will explain in this article if you do not understand how to optimize your On-page SEO strategy. In fact, it is one of the most critical factors that you must take into account, even above the analysis of keywords and it is not an exaggeration.

I’m not going to go into this topic very deeply because I would have to write a separate post; In another moment I will write an article to squeeze this issue to the maximum, do you think it’s good ?.

But at least it will serve to have a more solid base and so, in this way, your keyword analysis strategy will be more effective. Do you want to know some of the most important aspects of SEO On page? In that case pay attention.

►  Optimize Your Images

The images have to be optimized because you will help the robots to understand your content better. Also, it is a way of doing SEO because in the Google search engine it has its section of images.

There you can get traffic from recurring visits. But how can you optimize them?

Well, imagine that the keyword you want to position is ‘lemon tea.’ In the image, you must put lemon-tea.

► Write Flashy Titles

Making flashy titles is a way to do SEO and also effectively. You force the user to enter your site and, therefore, to read you.

If above your content is extraordinary, you cannot avoid reading one article after another and, therefore, most likely to subscribe to your subscription newsletter. In that case Congratulations! You already have a fixed reader in your blog.

► Create Internal Links

Internal links are essential for web positioning.

It is one of the 200 SEO factors that Google takes into account.

With internal links, you make traffic flow through all the sites of your blog and make you understand the robots, which your site is taken care of.

It’s worth its use, do not you think?

► Avoid Spelling Mistakes

Although many people say that spelling mistakes are not a determining factor when it comes to web positioning, yes it is, and a lot.

Google has it more and more in mind and can even penalize you for it.

Also, a container full of spelling mistakes are telling users, in a few words, that you do not take your work seriously and neither do they see it that way?

With this small base that I just explained to you about SEO On page (I hope it goes terrific), now we can introduce ourselves fully with SEO tools.